hi i'm sarah i'm 19 and born and raised in san diego, ca

disclaimer: i like boys

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LORDE // Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

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for everyone that says high waisted shorts make girl’s bums look bad:)



Actually crying.

Oh look more feminist Bullshits that only girls find funny, *Laughs so hard, oh wait no he doesn’t*
The thing is, if a guy posted something like this, it wouldn’t be funny it would be “sexist”Women’s number 1 problem? Other fucking women

u need to chill and maybe pet a dog 



Why am I laughing so hard





i was not going to post or comment on this outfit but it won’t stop bothering me so let me just put it out there.
Amber is clearly trying to relive her glory days here, before she had her baby because she doesn’t have the body that this dress requires for it to work, the back of it didn’t do as much damage as the front, her tummy, those thighs, the proportions are off.
so ladies, if you are going to go revealing this Spring/Summer please remember that it doesn’t just boil down to having a toned body

OR how about people can wear what ever the hell they want, no matter what body your shallow mind thinks they should have? she looks fantastic, go fuck yourself

Honestly she look good af

Her body is fucking amazing I’d gnaw my arm off for her to suffocate me with them thighs jesus

yeah her body is to die